Property Investors

At Engeneo we understand property investment and we’ll work with you to make sure you have the right set up, a structure that suits your needs, and that you are tax efficient.

It is important that you understand the tax and practical implications of your decisions so we encourage you to contact us any time (phone-calls are part of the service). We’d also like to work with any other advisors that you have – people get into property investment for all sorts of reasons and much can be gained from having an accountant, lawyer, mentor, banker that are on the same page.

Our prices for property investors start at $1,000 p.a. but will vary depending on the complexity and scale of your operation. As with our other services, we’ll aim to fit the service to your requirements and are happy to provide a fixed fee – paid monthly, or as the work is completed.

Below is a summary of the services that our clients benefit from:

Planning and Structure advice

We’ll review your investment structure when we first meet with you and annually (or as requested) after that. Tax efficiency, asset protection and planning for the future are all important and we want to understand your long-term intentions and ensure that the structure not only fits but that you understand how it all works.

Xero cashbook

We encourage all of our clients to manage their finances properly, so include a Xero cashbook in our fees. This will reduce your admin and data entry time and also helps us to provide you with advice.

Annual Financial Statements and Tax Returns

As chartered accountants, we’ll make sure this is done properly. Timing is everything, so we’ll schedule the work so that it is completed when you want it done.

Annual review meeting

An annual meeting is included as part of our service. We encourage communication and it is important that we understand the big picture so we’ll review your structure, your investments, your strategy and long-term plans. The Engeneo difference is that you’ll understand your current net worth and how your investments are affecting your goals or retirement plans.

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