Business Advice & Consulting

If you are ambitious and future-focused, then we're curious and we want to work with you.

Our collaborative approach and financial advisory services deliver strategic and practical advice to drive your business forward. What you do is unique and so are our services – tailored, flexible and we'll surprise you by giving a bit extra.

We'd love to meet to hear more about you and your business but to give you an idea - here is how we can help:

Business planning

Having a plan leads to better business and better outcomes for all involved. We'll work with you to create a clear plan to map out where you are going and the journey ahead. You'll want to execute the plan and we have the tools to help you with that too.

Strategic Planning

Ready to take your business to the next level? A robust strategy will ensure that customers really care about what you are aiming to do and that you are differentiated from your competitors on a number of levels. It'll also consider the people and skills that your business must attract, develop and retain, and the cash or capital that is required to succeed.

Importantly, you'll need to execute the plan and evolve your strategy as you progress. Our facilitated planning workshops will help to set your strategy and give you a clear and time-bound set of actions – the outcome is focus, momentum and an edge.

Business Structure

Getting structure right from the start is important and should consider not only the business but also the ambitions and intentions of the owners. There are a number of options – whether you are self-employed, in partnership, investing in property, running a company, exporting, or doing many things all at once – we'll help you get it right.

Starting a Business

Starting a business is a difficult but exciting time. If you're in it for the right reasons then it can be very rewarding too. There's much to consider and it pays to develop a plan, highlight your strengths and weaknesses and decide what you'll focus on.

We're business curious, so if you are looking for some general pointers or want to talk ideas then feel free to get in touch. Need some help to get moving and take that idea to the next step? Talk to us about our flying start program – a tailored financial advisory service and on call sounding board to help you get off to a flying start.

Here's some of what you'll need to consider when starting up.

Sustainability & Business Improvement

We believe a better business is a sustainable business, one that thrives now and well into the future at the same time as looking out for others. We'd like to help you to decide how you can include some of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals into your business planning with a focus on making a positive impact on both your business and the world in which it operates.

Outsourced Financial Advisory & CFO services

We'll work with you and your finance team to deliver strategic insight, improve performance, and report on the key indicators so that you can make the right decisions. We see our role as providing strategic and financial leadership for your business when or as you need it, and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

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Buying a business

Buying a business is a big step and you'll want to make sure it is the right step. There's plenty to consider and we can provide you with an indication of value, a detailed analysis of the opportunity (known as due diligence), and assist you to ensure the new business fits with your strategy and culture.

Buying a franchise

A franchise can be a good way to get into business because a lot of the start-up work is done for you – in theory you are buying an established and proven business model with everything in place from brand and marketing through to operations and process. You'll still want to do your homework though and should treat the investment with the same rigour as purchasing a business. We can assist you with your analysis of the opportunity and after the purchase are available to help you execute your business plan.

Raising capital

There are a number of ways that you can raise capital for your business and each of these has its benefits and pitfalls. Whatever the source you will first need to understand how much cash you need, be able to articulate how and when the money will be spent, show that you have a thought-out plan and that you have the ability and people on board to execute. Your "story" is key to raising capital and Engeneo can assist you to raise funds by bolstering your story with robust financial information and a solid plan.

Selling a business

Do you know the current value of your business? If you are planning on selling your business, or part of it you will want that value to be as high as possible. The key word in that sentence is planning – achieving a successful exit from business requires either executing a thought-out plan or luck. Don't leave your business sale to chance – plan now.

Ideally, we'll work with you over a period of time to create and execute an exit plan that aligns with both your business and personal aspirations. Having an exit plan in place will help to guide the strategic direction of your business, build the value of your business, and ensure that your business is prepared for a sale or investment opportunity.

Growing & expanding your business

What does growth mean to you? What do you want to achieve by expanding your business?
Understanding what you want to achieve is a great starting point. The minimum requirements for surviving a growth journey are:

  • Strong leadership
  • A clear strategy (and plan B)
  • Access to plenty of cash (growth is expensive)
  • The right people (both inside & outside your business)
  • A team that supports the plan and is full of energy

If you're ready to go on a bit of a business adventure, we are ready to join you. There's something really exciting about working towards a goal and seeing it take shape and we feel privileged to share that journey with our clients.

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