Our Story

A word from Kevin Summerhays

I founded Engeneo because I like helping people find better ways of doing business. And by ‘better’ I mean both within their businesses and beyond to the impact they have on the community and the environment. Whether it’s a particular challenge or ambition to grow, I enjoy being a sounding board, batting around ideas and seeing the satisfaction clients get when their plans come to fruition.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and have been providing accounting and tax advice to privately owned businesses (SMEs) since 2003. My experience is complemented by having lived and worked in several countries as well as being a part owner of a fast growing export business. Prior to founding Engeneo, I worked for a large accounting and consulting firm based in Wellington. 

Business goodness

We believe a good business is a sustainable business, one that thrives now and well into the future at the same time as looking out 
for others.

We get a real kick out of helping businesses be successful whilst also improving their impact on the environment and community.

At Engeneo we’re committed to investing in our people to improve their sustainability know-how and we’re members of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN). 

Success is a journey

If you’re ready to go on a bit of a business adventure, we’re ready to join you. There’s something really exciting about working towards a goal and seeing a plan take shape and we feel privileged to get to share that journey with our clients.

We challenge, ask why, and can it be done better? We take a holistic approach and dig a little deeper to get to know you,
your people, your industry and your unique situation within it.

We enjoy working with the ambitious and future-focused, surprising them by giving a bit extra and investing good time into ensuring we’re looking at the big picture.

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